Begun in 2014 by AIBA, the Armadillo Awards is a celebration of community in a carnival of local flavors. Come enjoy local food, local music and local characters for a fun evening in recognition of our most beloved local businesses. Local business is such an important thread in our community; they are the places where we eat, shop, gather and fulfill our everyday needs.

The Awards begin with nominations made online by the public. We typically receive between 1,000 and 1,300 nominations. These local businesses are then available online for voting. Austinites vote for their favorite local businesses in several different categories. When the votes are in, we celebrate!

The Armadillo Awards culminate with the Indie-Biz party of the year where finalists are announced and the recipients of the Armadillo are honored. It’s a fun-filled party with local food, music and entertainment. But most of all, it’s a gathering of the tribe of local. We hope to see you there!

How it all works

It’s fun with a few guidelines.

Any locally owned business can be nominated. The business does not have to be a member of AIBA.

Businesses may be nominated in only two categories. If nominated in more than two categories, our Awards Committee will limit each business to two categories.

The top five businesses with the most votes in each category become finalists. We do not announce finalists in advance. In the case of a tie, we honor both businesses bringing the number of finalists to six.

The business with the most votes in each category is the recipient of the Armadillo Award.

A business can win only once in a category.

Once a business has won three Armadillo awards, they are inducted into the Armadillo Hall of Fame.

Once in the Armadillo Hall of Fame,the business takes on a leadership role and cannot win another Armadillo Award.

We hold a Dillo Fundraising Raffle at the Awards. Items are donated by AIBA members. Tickets are provided with a donation to AIBA. You must be present to win a raffle.

Great Times at the Armadillo Awards...