Some of the Things We Do

Advocate for locally owned business
Hear our collective voice as we represent local business to elected officials, government and the community.

Created the Armadillo Awards
The Indie Biz Party of the Year.

Tweet & Facebook about all that our members do
Follow the fun with AIBA members.

Share with you who is AustinTRUE®
Yup, AIBA members are Certified AustinTRUE so you know they’re really local.

Create and promote IBIZ Districts®
Destination shopping districts of locally owned businesses for you to shop in.

Hold mixers for our members
So they can relax with their cohorts and exchange ideas.

Produce networking luncheons and breakfast meetings for members and future members. 
Including informative, educational and enlightening presentations.

Created and host the Power of Local 
We create an environment and place for ideas to help local business thrive.

Publish IndieAustin
Get your free copy at more than 350 locations in greater Austin.

Authored the Local Business Manifesto
A plan for local government and local business.

Celebrate Shop Local for the Holidays
Spread the cheer locally by shopping at locally owned businesses throughout the holiday season. Better yet, why not all year long?

Raise the visibility of local business issues
To create vibrant community dialogue.

Partner on business building workshops
To help our members succeed so you can shop with them.

Promote independent businesses to tourists
We all like to see what’s unique in our travels.

Enlighten you about the cultural and economic importance of local spending
So you can keep your money circulating in Austin.

Have fun doing it all
We hope you do too!

I treasure my AIBA membership for the contacts I’ve made and the networking opportunities organized each month. This unique group is informed, forward thinking, and committed to a culture that addresses business issues such as growth and recognition as well as focusing on whole person health as a balancing element.

Aida Pollard

CG&S Design Build