Advocacy for Local Business

AIBA works to further the priorities of local business at City Hall and beyond. Before AIBA, local business did not have a seat at the table. Big business has always been represented by teams of lawyers and lobbyists but local business had no voice at all. Our members are our strength. Join our ranks and make your voice heard.

• In 2011, AIBA formed the first Leadership Circle comprised of 10 of our member business owners. This Leadership circle produced the Local Business Manifesto presented to the city of Austin in April 2012. Two resolutions have been passed adopting initiatives from the Manifesto. Read More.

• AIBA held the first Local Business Conference in October 2013. This conference of AIBA members identified 11 specific goals for the City of Austin, AIBA and our members. The second Leadership circle was formed to oversee the accomplishment of these goals by the second conference in October 2014. Read more.

• AIBA represented local business by serving on the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan for more than two years. If not for our participation, local business would not even be mentioned in these plans for Austin for the next 30 years.

• We’re at City Hall regularly, looking out for your interests in policy and enforcement.

• AIBA has taken a leadership role, both in Texas and nationally, in the issue of the Internet Sales Tax Fairness Act. This issue effects everyone and puts local businesses at a disadvantage. Read more.