Local Shopping…Anytime, Anywhere on Spendindie.com.

Spendindie is a new and exciting way of making local shopping accessible to everyone. After 13 years of working in London and Chicago with various international investment banks and with an MBA from the University of Chicago in hand, Thad Beversdorf, decided it was time to repent for his sins by exiting the banking world. He chose instead to become a conduit for truth in a world where independent businesses face unprecedented competition from larger chain competitors, internet merchants and franchises that enjoy national or international branding power and major economies of scale.

And so with his banking career behind him, Thad started Spendindie. Spendindie is, an objective driven not profit driven, ecommerce platform for independent and local merchants only. Its objective is to even the playing field with larger chain competitors. It gives local and independent merchants the technology, marketing and commitment to compete with corporate competitors.

Some Cool things about Spendindie:

  • Spendindie’s mission is to build stronger communities and drive widespread prosperity through the support of local and independent businesses
  • 25% of all pretax profits are allocated to funding entrepreneurs (with a focus on women founders and manufacturing)
  • Spendindie’s pioneering technology will turn everyday shoppers into policymakers and advocates for local and independent business.

Proud Austin Merchants already on Spendindie: Lafe’s Natural Body Care, Polyn, Fit PPL, Cuvee Coffee, Magical Vacation Planner by Michelle Glass, and Northern Poppy Designs Spendindie already features some of the coolest brands from around Austin and is looking to partner up with even more Austin businesses. Go to Spendindie.com to sign your business up or just to learn more. Don’t forget to check out the hottest products from local Austin merchants and independent brands from around the country.

The Spendindie Team (from left to right): Ashleigh Opachen (Head of Brand Marketing), Jason Grant (Head of Marketing and Merchant Partnerships), Thad Beversdorf (CEO), and Ferry Chahaya (Head of Opperations)

Spendindie is a proud partner of the Austin Independent Business Alliance. THINK LOCAL, BE LOCAL, BUY LOCAL.

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