IndieAustin is Coming

IndieAustin, AIBA’s membership magazine will be available at the end of November—just in time for the holiday shopping season. Pick up your copy at more than 300 premier locations throughout Austin and use it to shop local for the holidays and throughout the new year.

AIBA members should watch their mailboxes for IndieAustin. In the packet, members will find materials to promote shopping locally for the holidays. Post them everywhere!

Free promotion for AIBA Members: Shop Local for the Holidays

It’s time to promote your business through Shop Local for the Holidays. Included in the benefits of membership in AIBA are promotions like Shop Local for the Holidays that promote your business but cost you nothing.

This is designed for retailers and gift giving. Services are welcome as long as the focus is a gift. 

Just send us a square photo and 100 words and we’ll take it from there. These will be posted on and through Facebook. This promotion runs from Thanksgiving through Christmas so don’t delay. Send photo and 100 words to Rebecca.

It’s Free. It’s Easy. Do it.

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Top Reasons to Shop Local For the Holidays

Top Reasons to Shop Local For the Holidays

Black Friday is nearly upon us! But you don’t have to fight the crowds to wrestle over merchandise in the hopes of grabbing a loss-leader item before they’re gone. We’re here to tell you there’s a better way! It’s shopping locally! There are so many great reasons, we’ve put together a list to get you started:

  1. Keep your money in the community. For every $100 spent at a local business, $45 stays in Austin, vs. only $13 for every $100 spent at a chain store. That’s money to fix the roads, maintain our parks, and sustain local services!
  2. Local business owners are your friends and neighbors. It’s not just a great idea to support your friends and neighbors, it’s a lot more fun! You can stand in line to be checked out by a bored cashier who just wants to get their shift over with and go home, or you can strike up a conversation with someone who is excited to do business with you, to talk about the products you’re there to buy, and build a lasting relationship with a vendor you’ll love to visit for years to come.
  3. Quality. Sure, you can get the same commodities everywhere, but locally-made crafts and products made with care will beat assembly-line produced products any day. Don’t get the latest trendy nonsense, stand out from the crowd with something unique, fun, and local!
  4. Fun. Have you visited a vintage or thrift store lately, or checked out one of our local icons like Toy Joy or Sue Patrick? What about Book People or Wheatsville Co-Op? We have such fun, funky shops, there’s just no reason to suffer the hordes at the mall when you could be out actually enjoying yourself instead! Why make shopping a chore when it can be a delight?
  5. Convenience. Our IBIZ Districts are clusters of locally-owned businesses all conveniently located so you can easily get everything done without traveling all over the city. Shop, dine, enjoy entertainment, and get the services you need all within handy walking distance. And with 8 to choose from . . . well, why even choose? Visit them all!
  6. It just feels good. And isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Sometimes it seems like they’re all about stress and chores and family obligations, but really – they’re about togetherness and celebration and community. So why not extend that to every part of the process, including the shopping part!

We’re doing out part to help by letting you know about upcoming events like Small Business Saturday and the IBIZ District Holiday Shop Hop on December 8th, so you can get your shopping done and have a great time doing it, enjoy some entertainment, maybe find some great deals. If you know of other events or tips for keeping our holidays local, share them in the comments!


Japanese Tourism Delegation Meets with AIBA

AIBA was delighted to meet with a small group from Japan in the US to learn about advancing regional tourism. The State Department recommended they meet with AIBA to discuss the value of local business and how to market local business to tourists. We were honored to be the only Austin organization that they met with.

We met with Harumi Tokuoka, Executive Director of the Iriomote Island Ecotourism Association; Aya Takeda, Sales Manager for Hotel Metropolitan Sendai; and Yoko Akagi, Executive Managing Director of the Beach Hotel Sunshine Ishigaki Island. While all three spoke some English, we had an interpreter from the State Department.

AIBA is by nature, hyper local-focused. It’s wonderful to connect with others from around the world focusing on the same things we are. Across oceans and cultures, we shared stories and goals. I was proud to represent Austin and local business to our foreign visitors. From our recent advocacy on tourism, I felt quite educated about Austin’s tourism industry and able to share knowledge and views freely.

Thank you to our visitors who took the time to share with us and to Global Austin for hosting the meeting. Activities like this broaden our horizons too. #Think Globally Shop Locally!