Small Business Division: an Ecosystem of Resources for Local Businesses

Living in a boom town is a strange experience. Owning and operating a business in a boom town is a wild ride for sure. Owning and operating a business in a boom town during a global pandemic is a carnival ride like no other! Whether you are exploring opening a business as a career change or are looking to refresh an existing business’s plan, the City of Austin’s Small Business Division has a whole ecosystem of resources to support your efforts. The mission of the Small Business Division is to foster job creation and support the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity-building information, tools, and resources. They accomplish through business training, educational events, and coaching that empowers entrepreneurs. Some of their offerings are detailed here and full access is available here.


Knowledge is power but data is king! SizeUpAustin is an incredible, no-cost, easy-to-use platform that allows you to access data to help your small business make better decisions around competitive bench marking, customers, suppliers, even marketing and advertising. Free data on the Austin market and on potential competitors? Sign me up! 

Small Business Preparedness

More important than ever, Small Business Preparedness is a resource site to aid and assist businesses in creating a plan for disaster recovery, including economic and natural disasters with information to meet the immediate needs of your business during your time of preparation and recovery.

Business Coaching

Ever wish there was someone you could talk to about big business decisions who would actually get it and be able to give you thoughtful, informed advice? Look no further! Individualized business coaching is available at no cost to existing small business owners and can help develop a marketing strategy, find lending assistance, learn to effectively network, or become more competitive with a business plan. This is an incredible resource – access it here.

BizAid℠ Business Orientation

This orientation offers a no-cost opportunity to talk to business professionals about basic business information and to receive guidance. Register online here.

 BizOpen Orientation: Commercial Property Requirements

The orientation covers the general development process including zoning, permitting, inspections, events and obtaining a certificate of occupancy and acts as the main point of contact for new and existing small business owners seeking assistance navigating the Planning and Zoning Department and the Development Services Department. Register online here.

Business Education

Knowledge is power and you to stay on top of things of your skills to keep your business moving in the right direction is paramount. Many classes are offered to help small business owners develop skills. Visit the calendar for a complete list of upcoming classes and events.

Business Skills Certification
Through a partnership with the University of Texas at Austin Center for Professional Education, SBD offers classes in marketing, social media, human resources, money management, and small business taxes. Complete six of these qualifying small business classes and earn a Business Skills Certificate.

Healthy Corner Store Program

Through a partnership with Austin Public Health, the Economic Development Department is expanding the Healthy Corner Stores Program. This program, which is free to join, helps store owners grow their business by increasing sales of healthy food items. 

Small Business Resources

This comprehensive directory of non-profit agencies, local, state, and federal governments is a great place to start when you’re looking for help in your specific industry or for a specific issue.

In addition to these amazing resources, you can also access information about funding, starting a business, or relocating your business. Do you have a need that you don’t see represented here? Drop us a line and we’ll get you connected with the people who have what you’re looking for.

Positive Small Business Saturday News for Small and Local Retailers

This past Saturday marked the 11th Annual Small Business Saturday hailed as one of the largest shopping days of the season. Results of the American Express 2020 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey show that there is great awareness of Small Business Saturday with 97% of shoppers understanding the positive impact they can make by shopping at small, local retailers. Additionally, 85% of these local fans report that they also encouraged friends and family to do follow their lead.

This awareness and positive impact are not limited to in-person shopping experiences; they also extend to online shopping. As the pandemic changed the retail landscape, one lasting change is that many small businesses pivoted to selling online or through social media platforms. Consumers seem to have appreciated the move with 56% of Small Business Saturday shoppers reporting they shopped online with a small business on the day, an increase from 43% the year before.

Campaigns to inspire consumers to recommend their favorite small and local businesses via social media work to amplify the impact shoppers can make. Results from the nationwide AMEX campaign have been encouraging, with more than half of respondents saying they supported a small business via social media either by recommending favorite or shopping at a newly discovered small business.

So, consumers know how important it is to shop local, know how valuable local businesses are to a vibrant local economy, and understand the importance of sharing their favs on social media. These are great strides in strengthening the amazing local economy we have here in Austin. We’ve still got our work cut out for us though – onward!

Family Business Loan Program from the Small Business Division

What is your dream for your business in the coming year? Are you looking to finally buy a piece of commercial property? Renovate or build a new building? Finally buy or install the machinery or equipment that will allow for growth? Refinance some existing? Secure working capital financing as part of one of these activities? The Family Business Loan Program from the Small Business Division may be the answer you’ve been looking for…

This loan program, one of many programs the City of Austin Small Business Division has to support small and local businesses in the Austin area, offers low interest loans to qualified small businesses to support their growth and ability to create jobs. While the name implies that only family owned businesses are eligible, it is actually open to many small and local businesses in Austin (see eligibility requirements below).

The Family Business Loan Program is unique in that it is a public-private partnership between the City of Austin, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and several private lenders. With the hefty mission to “enable existing local businesses to expand and create jobs, revitalize communities, increase the tax base of the City of Austin, and enhance the overall quality of life for Austin residents”, the program offers low-interest loans to qualified small businesses. These loans have significantly lower than market interest rates, flexible repayment terms that are project specific, and feature low equity requirements (only 10%) which is a barrier associated with conventional financing.

Small and local businesses often do not have access to the advantageous financing and other privileges and benefits available to large or multinational companies. Programs like the Family Business Loan program exist to make sure growth and job creation happen at all levels of business.

Eligible businesses that are those who are privately owned and for-profit, legally organized, have been operating for at least two years, and who meet the size standards of the SBA. You also must demonstrate the ability to meet repayment terms, be located within an Austin City Council district and commit to creating at least one full time equivalent job for every $35,000 borrowed.

For more information, call 512-978-2502 to set an appointment and discuss your project with a Loan Program Advisor.

BizAid Orientation and Coaching Services from the Small Business Division

The City of Austin Small Business Division has many amazing programs to support small and local businesses as they start, grow and re-imagine themselves in Austin’s ever changing business landscape. Two of these programs are the BizAid Business Orientation and the Coaching Services Program. Both programs are beneficial to prospective and current small business owners. Whether you’ve been in business for 20 weeks or 20 years, the knowledge of city services, business plan development and goal reviews offered here are invaluable.

The BizAid Orientation is a group program next offered on December 2nd. This no-cost class provides a topical overview of either opening a new small business or re-evaluating an existing business as it grows and changes course. This later scenario is, of course, particularly relevant as we learn to live within the confines of the current global pandemic. Business owners will learn key questions to consider when developing your business and discover the resources needed to reach the next level.

In addition to this amazing class, the Small Business Division also offers confidential, no-cost, one on one coaching services. Businesses can access business plan review and development assistance, marketing plan review and business management technical assistance along with a financial readiness assessment. All provided by our amazing city!

Details and registration for the next BizAid Business Orientation on December 2nd are available here and coaching services can be accessed by contacting Both services are available for for-profit business located within the Austin city limits. For non-profit businesses or those located outside Austin city limits, coaching is limited to 6 hours.

Austin Public Health Moves to Stage 3 of Risk-Based Guidelines

Austin-Travis County Health Authority today announced that Austin and Travis County are moving into Stage 3 of the Risk-Based Guidelines. This news, less than two weeks after our move to Stage 4, comes as hospitalization numbers continue to improve across the Travis County area.

The decision to move to Stage 3 of the Risk-Based Guidelines is informed by officials monitoring several key indicators collected during the Delta variant surge, roughly between July and September, and include the seven-day moving average of new hospital admissions, the positivity rate, the “doubling time of new cases”, and the number of ICU and ventilator patients.  It is important to note that the data continues to show that almost all cases, hospitalizations, and deaths occur among those who are not fully vaccinated.

As it relates to business operations in Austin, Stage 3 recommendations include the following: 

  • Fully vaccinated individuals can participate in outdoor private gatherings and dine and shop without masking if allowed by the business. They can also participate in indoor private gatherings and travel with masking. Fully vaccinated high risk individuals should wear a mask when dining indoors. 
  • Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals, can participate in indoor and outdoor private gatherings, dine, shop, and travel with masking. High risk individuals should avoid these activities if they are non-essential.

As a reminder, these Risk-Based Guidelines describe five distinct stages of risk for Austin and Travis County and DO NOT signal changes to local rules or regulations for businesses. As always, these are “guidelines and recommendations for individual actions and behaviors based on levels of risk of exposure in the community.” APH is sure to remind the public that “everyone should continue to follow any additional requirements put in place by local businesses, venues, and schools regardless of their vaccination status or stage.”

The City is still maintaining For additional business guidance and recommendations to help prioritize the well-being of employees and customers.