In Op-Ed for Fortune ILSR Details the High Cost of Cashless Retail Trend

Originally published in Fortune
by Charlie Thaxton

Cashless retail is on the rise and has begun to concern some lawmakers. New Jersey recently banned the practice. Philadelphia has done the same. So far, the debates leading up to these laws have mostly centered on how cash-free establishments exclude unbanked citizens.

In a commentary piece for Fortune, ILSR researcher Charlie Thaxton details another major cost. Cashless retail — and credit cards in general — allow a handful of credit card monopolies and big banks to siphon billions of dollars from consumers and businesses through the swipe fees they charge merchants. These fees amounted to $79 billion last year.

Businesses, especially small ones, have little leverage to negotiate these fees, which average about 2 percent of a transaction. Refusing to accept Visa and Mastercard isn’t a viable option, either. READ MORE.

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According to the Affordable Care Act, small businesses do not have to offer health insurance if they employ 50 or fewer employees. What most small business owners have found though is that they have a higher turnover rate if they don’t offer benefits. Some industries even compete for employees based on the benefits they offer. The story that is most often heard is that a small business loses its employees to the competitor down the street because they offer health insurance. At the same time the policies that are offered are too expensive for many employees because the employer can only afford to pay 50% of the premium for each employee.

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City of Austin Small Business Program Celebrates National Small Business Week

We’re celebrating National Small Business Week May 6 – 10 with a great slate of exciting options.

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