9 Minutes to a Better AIBA

AIBA is here for you, our member. We take that very seriously and we want to be the organization you want us to be. But we need to know what you want.
We haven’t done a membership survey in several years but we’re asking you now. Please take just a few minutes to tell us your thoughts, what you need, what you want (we all know wants can be different from needs), what would thrill you and maybe even what you’d like for us to stop doing.
The survey will take 9 minutes or less. To make you feel extra special about filling out our survey, respondents will be entered into a drawing for:
     1. A free year of membership added to your current membership.
     2. A free upgrade to your current membership.
     3. A $50 Gift Card to Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill
This survey is for AIBA’s use only. Your name and business name are completely confidential. Any data used for advocacy purposes will be aggregated and unidentifiable to the individual.

Nominate Your Favorite Small Business for a Marketing Makeover!

Independent We Stand is a national organization promoting shopping at locally owned businesses. They host an Indie Business of the Year contest in which your favorite business could win big!
The eighth-annual Indie Award competition is now underway and the grand prize for one lucky small business will be a $25,000 marketing makeover! Entering is quick and easy. Just tell us a short story about how your favorite business went above and beyond to deliver great customer service and/or community support.  But enter now because the earlier you enter the better chance they have of winning!

City of Austin Redesigns 380 Incentive Policy. And It’s NOT Good News!

$200,000 Awarded to LookThinkMake, LLC to promote Local Business to Tourists


We were successful in getting the Austin City Council to allocate a one-time $200,000 grant to marketing local business to tourists. The money comes for the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) that visitors pay when they stay at an Austin hotel. This is also called the bed tax since it is charged per night. We are the only city in the nation to devote some of these funds to promoting local business. This was quite an achievement.
AIBA did submit a proposal for this grant but we were not awarded the grant by the City Council. We have been unable to obtain a copy of the proposal from LookThinkMake, LLC so have no idea what they intend to produce with the grant. But the time frame for completion was only a few months so the execution of the project should be very visible very fast. Look for a new campaign around Austin promoting local business.

City Recycling Standards for Your Business

Since 2012 the City of Austin has imposed or facilitated mandatory recycling programs. This is part of an effort to comply with Austin’s Zero Waste goal to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90% by 2040.
The Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) supports Austin’s Zero Waste goal by requiring affected property owners to ensure that tenants and employees have access to convenient recycling. The ordinance is intended to increase the life of local landfills, reduce harmful environmental impacts, and encourage economic development. Since last October, all commercial properties are subject to this policy. Read more in this quick and easy chart.
The Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO)’s Organics Diversion standards also support Austin’s Zero Waste goal by requiring food permitted businesses to reduce or divert organic material (e.g. wasted food, yard trimmings) from the landfill. The URO intends to increase the life of local landfills, reduce harmful environmental impacts and encourage economic development. While this was instituted in October 2016, all businesses must comply by October 1, 2018. Read more in this quick and easy chart.
If you have any questions about wither of these policies, please contact the Business Outreach Team at 512-974-9727 or CommercialRecycling@austintexas.gov.