Advanced Business Strategizers Club

Advanced Business Strategizers Club

Join Advanced Business Strategizers Club any Wednesday from 2:15-3:15 online where we mix networking with an informative mastermind of like minded professionals. Welcome to the Advanced Business Strategizers (ABS)! We are your new home for the Quarantine Virtual Business Networking. Zoom link here:

Our founders and co-hosts, Certified Business & Executive Coach Scott Finkelstein and Marketing Guru Jennifer Ratliff, together with 50 years of business experience and nearly $6.5 billion in revenues, created ABS to provide a safe haven and a beacon for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals to carve out a path and make a plan to fulfill your purpose. READ MORE.

BSC COVID-19 Business Owners Weekly Support Group

BSC COVID-19 Business Owners Weekly Support Group

The BSC COVID-19 Business Owner Support Group is a safe place to talk about business concerns, learn from others nationwide and share ideas, opinions, and your expertise each week. You can come and go. You don’t have to stay the whole time but you are welcome any time during the hour.

The meeting is  recorded and a link will be posted on the BSC Facebook page by the next day. We will try to get answers to any questions we can’t answer by the next meeting.

Meets Every Thursday Noon-1 Central Time through September ADD it to your calendar; it uses the same link each week.

There is space for 151 people to attend. You may get a message that all spaces are taken; disregard it. Gotomeeting recommends you change your browser. If you still have issues, please try logging in again or contact gotomeeting and give them our meeting access code.

Team(work?): The Pros and Cons of Working in Teams (Webinar)

Team(work?): The Pros and Cons of Working in Teams (Webinar)

Webinar Leader: Mary Rose, PhD
Webinar Date: March 4, 2020; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CDT
Most of us can probably think of examples in which working with others led to great insights and helped our motivation. But we can probably also recall some counter-examples, in which we felt as if other people got in the way of clear thinking, made us inefficient, or we felt unfairly saddled with the work of others who were not performing.

In this webinar, Dr. Mary Rose will review the social psychological science on group effects. Under what circumstances do we perform better in the presence of others, and when do groups get in our way? Are some tasks better suited than others to teamwork? The discussion will ultimately point to some practical questions to ask about whether team efforts will likely help or hurt in getting work done.
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UT Design Thinking Workshop

UT Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking sounds fun, but what can it really do for me?

After a great launch in 2019, UT Austin’s Human Dimensions of Organizations & School of Design and Creative Technologies are teaming up again to host two new design thinking workshops in 2020.

Design thinking is an ideal framework for any professional who wants to create desirable innovative solutions by turning ideas into action, and to empower creativity and collaboration in any team.

Our three-day workshops are collaborative efforts between UT Austin’s Human Dimensions of Organizations program and the School of Design and Creative Technologies.

Learning new skills, or upskilling, is essential to excelling in today’s workplace. The problems we encounter in our professional lives—losing customers, broken processes, products that don’t have the impact we hope—need creative, innovative solutions if our organizations are to stay relevant.

The same holds true for our more complex social issues – poverty, healthcare, education, and the environment. Design thinking offers ways to upskill so that you can develop creative solutions to the problems you care most about.

Join us at an upcoming workshop and engage the power of design thinking. Learn More and Save Your Spot.

Words of Affirmation: Everyone Loves a Compliment

Words of Affirmation: Everyone Loves a Compliment

You rock.  My “go-to” words of affirmation for my fellow HR consultants.

This is one of my favorite love languages: Words of Affirmation. So, what is it to affirm others?   After a super quick online search, I found two meanings:

  • To state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly


  • To offer emotional support or encouragement

I’ve written before about the necessity for gratitude and appreciation among leaders.

Happy culture companies encourage employees to be helpful, encouraging, and appreciative of one another. After all, your coworkers are the ones in the trenches with you. If they value what you do, that carries a lot of weight. But leaders and managers can’t just hope that people will show appreciation for each other. They have to talk about the value of it in team meetings. They have to make the effort to notice when an employee is particularly helpful or encouraging of other team members. They have to recognize the behavior.  And, they need to model the behavior for others.

First and foremost, it begins with yourself. Don’t go out and announce “We’re going to cultivate a culture of gratitude and affirmation in the workplace!” and start demanding that people complement each other on some quota basis. This isn’t something where you go in and dictate a culture change, no matter how much your organization may need it. This is something a leader has to do on their own, with small steps that will eventually ripple throughout the organization.

Start with little things: Say thank you to people when they give you an update about a project, send you a document you were looking for or help put the conference room back in order after a meeting. Start noticing and actually looking for opportunities to praise others, like the sales rep who closed the deal or the server who handled the irate customer smoothly and calmly. You don’t have to give them a card, buy them a fancy lunch or publicly praise them — in fact, some people are very uncomfortable with public praise. All you really have to do is communicate that you appreciate them and that you see the work they do and effort that goes into it.

In my business, I might go a whole week without seeing one or another of my associates, but I know that our connection with one another over the work we do is always greatly helped when I take the time to call or email and just say “I am so impressed with your amazing HR knowledge” or “Thank you for taking on that last minute project.” I don’t want to communicate: It’s your job, so you’ll do it or else. That doesn’t promote mutual respect and cooperation. Giving someone a little appreciation for the work they put toward making your company better does.

In some companies, there’s a sense of entitlement, like “Hey, where’s the personal chef? Why don’t we get massages every week like they do at XYZ company?” That whole attitude can be a gratitude killer. It’s still up to the leader to transform it. You begin by thanking them for what they do, and chances are it will work its way back around. Imagine hearing from employees: “Hey, thank you for the free lunch. Thank you for the flex time or for creating this cheerful work atmosphere or for giving me a chance to grow in my career.”

When you start affirming people, most will notice and recognize how much better it makes them feel about their work. Then they’ll want to pass that on. And everybody will be happier, healthier, and possibly love working even more.

Contributed by Caroline Valentine, Valentine HR

The Power of Local Returns

The Power of Local Returns

We are so excited to present the 2020 Power of Local, a half-day workshop for local business. The Power of Local is a half-day event to connect with others, learn how to build your business using the power of local and come together as a community to share ideas. Local business contributes to and defines our local culture. But what is the best way to embrace this as a tool for your business? Find out at this workshop! It’s fun. It’s informative. It’s beneficial to you and your business.

When: February 20, 9am to 1pm
Location:  ACC Eastview Campus, Room 8500
Cost: $49
 (includes all day admission, coffee and pastries and lunch from local restaurants)
The day consists of two presentations, one workshop and a luncheon featuring keynote speaker Derek Peebles, Director of the American Independent Business Alliance. Short breaks will follow each session to allow attendees to speak to the presenters individually.

9:00  Welcome

9:15  Community Conversation: The Power of Leadership with Bobby Jenkins, ABC Home & Commercial
The power of local is the power of roots, relationships and a real commitment to the community. This is one family’s story of engaging employees and the community through leadership and building a company that is an inspiration to all.

10:00  Community Conversation: The Power of Good
What are the benefits of engaging in social good? It helps the community but how does it help your business? Customers are increasingly making purchasing choices not just on your products, services and prices but on what you support. Can your support of causes you believe in boost your business? Panel discussion of four local businesses who practice the power of good. Panel Speakers: Kendall Antonelli, President and Co-Founder, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Hill Abell, Co-Founder, Bicycle Sport Shop, Karen Kovalovich, Ownership & Outreach Coordinator, Wheatsville Food Coop, Erin Portman, Co-Founder, Birds Barbershop and Verb Products.

10:45  Community Conversation: The Power of Connection
The most important thing for you and your business is connectivity, both with the local community and with customers and clients. As a group, we will enter into a fun moderated connectivity event based on HAVE•NEED•WANT. What do you have to offer other businesses in attendance? What does your business need that others can provide? What connections do you want to make atThe Power of Local? Moderator: Rebecca Melancon, Executive Director, Austin Independent Business Alliance

11:30  Lunch

Attendees will enjoy a buffet lunch from Wheatsville Co-opPasta & Co and Pok-e-Jo’s.

12:00  Lunch and Keynote Address
Derek Peebles, Director of the American Independent Business Alliance. As the new director of AMIBA, Derek is charting a new course for the Buy Local Movement in America. He is also the founder of Neighborhood Grow, an organization that leverages social capital, private capital, and technical expertise for sustainable neighborhood development and increased civic participation. Until accepting his current position at AMIBA, Derek was director of the Economics of Compassion Initiative, a step to support a sustainable and resilient economy for all citizens.

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