This is the fourth event in a four-part series: Conflict to Conversation to Calm: How to Part in Peace, Not Pieces. 
Managing Conflict Step by Step is a panel discussion.

Our panelists bring a reasoned step by step approach:

Holly AcostaKazdon, Inc., informs us about effective HR policies and how to create them

Kris Donley, Dispute resolution Center, provides successful language you can use.

Jetta Todaro, Jetta Todaro Mediation, outlines when to call for help and gives us resources to contact

David LautersteinLauterstein Conway Massage School, leads us in healing after conflict.

We’ll enjoy a delicious Speciality Taco Dinner Buffet. If your dietary needs do not include tacos, please contact Dixie Patrick. AIBA events are open to members and prospective members.

Get a FREE Lunch! If you aren’t yet an AIBA member, become a member of AIBA at this event and lunch is on us! If you are an AIBA member, bring a colleague who isn’t yet a member. When they join AIBA at the event, we’ll cover both your lunch and theirs!

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