Educating and Engaging the Public

AIBA works to bring more customers in your door by spreading the word about the cultural and economic benefits of locally owned businesses. Support the only nonprofit organization in Austin that promotes the importance of buying from locally owned businesses.

  • AIBA conducts studies to show the impact of shopping at locally owned businesses. If fact, AIBA commissioned the landmark study in 2002 showing that three times the money stays in our local community when shopping at a locally owned business rather than a chain store. This is quoted nationally as a standard.
  • We work to empower the customer with the knowledge that their choices do make a difference in the health of our local business community and Austin’s local economy as well.
  • We market this information through print, online, email, social media, newsletters, broadcast and with billboards.
  • We send you materials throughout the year to let customers know about buying locally including posters, table tents and stickers.
  • These efforts have raised the awareness of the public to the importance of local business.