IBIZ Premiere Program

The Next Evolution of the IBIZ Program

Become a Premiere Merchant Now!

As you may know, IBIZ District funding is subject to annual city budget approval. We’ve lost funding before, and could always lose it again. With the city funding we receive, as well as separate grants we have applied for and won, we’ve been able to provide IBIZ Merchants with basic services, including advocacy, marketing, promotion, branding, coordination of communication and events, marketing materials, and more. But we know we can do more.

We’re Updating our Program in a MAJOR Way

We want to ensure the sustainability and success of the program, while providing additional services to our IBIZ District Merchants. Our goal is to ensure the IBIZ  program is an effective tool to support the growth of our locally-owned business strongholds.

With that in mind, we’re introducing a new level of service, the IBIZ Premiere Program, which meets both of those goals: more benefits and services to our merchants and districts, while helping to ensure ongoing support for the program.

Premiere Program Flyer

First, let’s get some definitions out of the way.

IBIZ District Merchant: Any locally-owned business located within an IBIZ District

IBIZ Premiere Merchant: Any locally-owned business located within an IBIZ District which upgrades to Premiere level for a nominal annual fee of $175, $250, or $525. Each level is also available as automatic monthly charges of $15, $21 and $45.

Premiere IBIZ District: An IBIZ District in which 75% of the District Merchants are Premiere Merchants.

What do you get for upgrading to Premiere membership?

All the same great services you’ve come to expect from the IBIZ program, along with some great add-ons:

  • 25% of your membership dues go into a fund for your IBIZ District (and will be available to spend once the District achieves Premiere qualification)
  • Membership in the Austin Independent Business Alliance
  • Discounts on advertising in the annual IBIZ District Guide
  • Featured photos on electronic and print materials
  • And more!

What do you get if your IBIZ District achieves Premiere Level?




IBIZ Premiere Merchant

Premiere IBIZ District

Listing on District website, access to contribute to District social media pages X X X
IBIZ Guide Listing (Name Only) X X X
Printed guides and district cards, IBIZ window clings, and flyers for events, as needed X X X
Community organization in IBIZ Districts, including meetings and events X X X
Participation in District events X X X
Participation in District listserve X X X
Advocacy and liaison services from IBIZ District Director X X X
Support for the district by identifying and connecting with needed resources, as well as notifications of information helpful to the districts, such as city policy changes, available programs and benefits, identified opportunities, etc. X X X
Paid social media advertising X X
Discounted advertising in IBIZ guide (15% off standard rates) X X
First opportunity to host district meetings & events X X
Ability to contribute features & information to IBIZ newsletters X X
Premiere designation with detailed listing on website and in printed IBIZ Guide, including additional pages, feature photos and promo spots X X
Exclusive photos with business name in IBIZ Guide X X
Featured photos in website and social media – banners, headlines, sidebars, etc. X X
25% of Premiere membership fees go back to District X
Dedicated blog posts for Premiere Merchants and Districts   X
Premiere IBIZ District banners for Premiere Merchants in Premiere Districts X


Details of Dues Fund

  • used as directed by the district merchants, administered by IBIZ staff. This allocation will take effect at the renewal date for district merchants who are already AIBA members at the time a district achieves Premiere status. Funds in this account WILL carry over year to year.
  • 25% of dues for all Premiere Merchants within an IBIZ District which has not yet achieved Premiere designation will be held in an account for the benefit of the district at the time it achieves Premiere designation. This amount will NOT carry over year to year, unless and until the district achieves Premiere designation.
  • IBIZ Staff will keep a current accounting of available funds, the details of which will be made available to any and all district merchants. IBIZ Staff will coordinate expenditures with the district merchants, and spend funds at their direction.


Each month we will provide everyone with a tally of progress towards Premiere IBIZ District status, as well as the amount of funds which would become available for each District.

What Should You Do Now?

  1. Already an AIBA member? Terrific! Your AIBA membership will be converted automatically to an IBIZ Premiere Merchant membership.
  2. Want to see more of your dues go back to your district? You can upgrade to a higher level membership, with all the benefits available at that level, with more money going back directly to you! Join at ibuyaustin.com/join, and note “IBIZ Premiere” on the form. We will make sure your membership is corrected noted.
  3. Help speed up your progress to Premiere status by encouraging your fellow IBIZ Merchants to join the Premiere program! The sooner you reach 75%, the sooner the benefits kick in. And the more IBIZ Premiere Merchants you have, the more money your district will have to spend!

Got Questions?

We’re sure you have questions, and we’re here to provide answers! You can always reach Seed Terranova by email at seed@ibuyaustin.com or by phone at 12-441-2123. We’re super excited to bring you this new, higher level of service!