IBIZ District Merchant Resources – Helpful Links

We’re here to provide resources to help you take advantage of the IBIZ Program in every way possible! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us at seed@ibuyaustin.com, and we’ll get you what you need!

Merchant Google Groups
Merchant Facebook Group

Follow the IBIZ Districts Facebook Group! We will share information and posts from your page, share promotions, and link to your page. Contact the IBIZ District Director or tag the Facebook page to have your information shared.

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Each IBIZ District has its own location page. Make sure to follow yours (and others) here:

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The IBIZ District Program produces regular newsletters with valuable information and features just for you, the IBIZ District Merchants!

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IBIZ District Logos

Feel free to use the logo for your district or for the program on your website or any media associated with your business.



Event Participation Forms

We have several events each year, see the latest and sign up to participate IBIZ Merchant Event Participation Forms.

City of Austin Small Business Program

The Austin IBIZ Program is supported in part by the City of Austin Small Business Program, which has a wealth of resources available for local small businesses.

Get more information Small Business Program.