Merchant Benefits

So you’re located in an existing IBIZ District. Terrific! Now what?

The IBIZ Districts are organized to achieve many goals focused around the success of District merchants. The program is a collaboration between AIBA and all the local merchants within the districts. We provide a backbone of infrastructure including marketing, communication, district resources, community problem solving and district events. It’s a strong backbone but it can only thrive with your involvement.
  • We market your business and your district through this website, social media, flyers and ads.
  • We bring the districts’ merchants together through group communication and meetings so you get to know one another and make the decisions that drive your district.
  • We can bring resources to bear through City of Austin departments, district sponsors, county and state government and more.
  • We help resolve problems within your district, if you should have them. We have tackled open container ordinances, trash, crime, parking and other issues.
There are two levels of IBIZ District Merchant: IBIZ Merchant which is free and Premiere IBIZ Merchant which offers many additional benefits for a small charge.
IBIZ Merchant

Merely by being located within the boundaries of an IBIZ District, you are already an IBIZ Merchant. You don’t need to activate your membership nor do anything except participate and reap the rewards. We are able to provide these core services because of our partnership with AIBA and the City of Austin Economic Development Department. In an IBIZ District and don’t see your business? Contact Seed Terranova, IBIZ District Director.

What are these no-cost services? So glad you asked! 

  • You will be listed on our website as an IBIZ Merchant on your District page(s)
  • You will be listed in the IBIZ Guide each year, as well as the district-specific info card produced for each IBIZ District.
  • You will be offered a brochure holder with IBIZ Guides and District Cards, as well as a window cling (which goes on the outside of your window, so there is no ink transfer), which identifies you as an IBIZ Merchant.
  • You will be promoted on our social media as we become aware of items to promote (it helps if you let us know!).
  • You will be added to a group specific to the merchants in your specific District, which is used for communicating with one another, sending announcements, and sharing documents and information.
  • You will be added to our email list, for a regular newsletter targeted specifically to IBIZ Merchants.
  • You will be added to our email list for AIBA, which includes items of more general interest to local business owners, and to some extent, consumers.
  • You will be invited to participate in your District’s meetings, as well as all-district special events, such as the Holiday Shop Hop.
  • You will be able to reach out to us for assistance, as we are able, with a variety of issues, including marketing, social media, neighborhood issues, city issues, problems, wishes, hopes and dreams.
  • Once a year you will be asked to complete a survey about your experience with this program, since we are city-funded, and they like to make sure we are doing a good job. We appreciate your participation, and welcome any and all feedback – throughout the year, not just at survey time.

[You can opt out of any of these lists at any time, for any reason, but do keep in mind they are the only way we really have to keep in touch with you.] 

While we are a small team with limited funding, we are always looking for ways to do more with less. So we will always do whatever we can to provide assistance and information. Please share your thoughts about how we can improve the program, so that we are providing the services you most need.

The Tigress
El Mercado
Room Service Vintage
Revival Vintage
Forbidden Fruit
Ermine Vintage
Bravado Dog Grooming
Bloody Rose Boutique
Bistro Vonish
Wheatsville Food Co-op
Twin Liquors
Spider House
Movin' Easy Dancewear
Malvern Books
Breed and Co.
Arbor Car Wash
Upper Crust Bakery
Tiny Pies
Sue Patrick
Lauterstein-Conway Massage School
Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar
Gusto Italian Kitchen
Eye Physicians of Austin
Charlotte's Fiesta Flowers
5000 Burnet
Maggie Louise Confections
Birds Barbershop
Sara Jordan Photography
Sweet Ritual
Radiant Plumbing
Lammes Candies
Casey's SnowBalls

Premiere IBIZ Program Benefits

But wait! There’s more, so much more. As a Premiere IBIZ Merchant, you’ll receive all of the benefits above and so much more. You can become a Premiere IBIZ Merchant for as little as $15 per month or $175 annually. There are additional benefits for becoming a Premiere IBIZ Merchant for you and for your District. Find out how!