Tapestry Dance is both 30 years old and brand new in 2019.  Founded in 1989, Tapestry leapt onto the national stage and instantly became a highly regarded dance company.  Tapestry’s dance company is now the only full-time professional tap dance company in the world. But Tapestry’s reach extended far beyond the performing dance world with the establishment of its multiform dance academy and classes that made dance accessible to everyone.

Co-Founding artistic directors Acia Gray and Deirdre Strand created Tapestry to bring together the diverse worlds of tap dancing, contemporary, ballet, modern, and jazz.  Over the decades, Tapestry’s reputation and expertise in tap and tap fusion has earned a global reputation. Its annual Soul to Sole tap festival brings together dancers from all parts of the world in a multi-day celebration of dance technique and history.  As a resident company, Tapestry performs at the Long Center as well as other local venues while also touring the US and abroad. While featuring tap dance choreography, Tapestry concerts are known for telling profound stories and looking at compelling issues through a fusion of dance, music, poetry, and percussion as well as tributes to this indigenous American artform.

On the educational front, Tapestry has taught dancers of all levels and from all walks of life with astonishing results.  Students of Tapestry Dance Academy have gone on to professional dance careers not only with Tapestry itself but with STOMP, Michelle Dorrance Dance, Momix, Doug Varone & Dancers, The Rhythmic Arts, and SoundMovement in New York City to name a few.  Students looking for anything from professional honing to a great workout have found themselves in Tapestry dance classes. Tapestry’s dance programs focus on increasing self-confidence and self-expression while celebrating the history and technique of each style of dance.  This allows students to become dancers in the truest sense: through their art, they share themselves with their families and their communities whether for recreation or professional training.

Tapestry celebrates more than dance, more than tap, more than art–it celebrates rhythm itself.  Tap dancing may be the most celebrated form at this renowned organization, but rhythm works its way into every class and style and lesson that students young and old can take away from its varied courses.  Tapestry’s dances, concerts, classes, and faculty all embrace the artform of dance and the rhythm that connects us all.

Now Tapestry has found its new home in the Riverside neighborhood and is ready to welcome dances of all ages and from all parts of Austin and beyond.  Tapestry’s new home at 2105 Riverside Drive celebrates the impressive legacy of the company with dance studios named after their prior homes, while also moving forward with new and returning teachers, new classes, and a desire to serve their local community as well as all of Austin.

Who is the ideal student to take a class at Tapestry?  You! If you are alive then your heart has a beat; come celebrate that beat and the rhythm of your life with a dance class at Tapestry!

You can find out more about Tapestry and the full schedule of classes at tapestry.org.

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