Welcome to the AIBA Community of locally owned businesses. AIBA is a nonprofit, membership supported organization representing more than 1,000 locally owned businesses in Austin. You’ll find your peers, colleagues and fellow business owners here—all waiting to connect with you. Through advocacy, marketing, connecting and education, AIBA promotes a thriving local business community. With each new member, our voice grows stronger. We’re glad you’re here to join us!

“We’re local” gives us a geographic place but doesn’t embrace the uniqueness of this amazing city called Austin. We’re more than a location. We are a way of life, an Austin life. We’re AustinTRUE! As an AIBA member, you’ll be Certified AustinTRUE.

AIBA members value the benefits from membership:

70% Made valuable connections at an AIBA event.

75% Have utilized other member businesses as customers.

97% Feel that AIBA’s advocacy for local business is important and 54% report that our advocacy has helped their business.

61% Have directly benefitted from the community of members.

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AIBA is about community. As an organization AIBA does a phenomenal job of supporting their members and facilitating connections. AIBA checks all the boxes you look for in a business organization (value in marketing, local advocacy, networking, etc.), but more importantly, AIBA is a community of businesses that care about their team mates and each other. AIBA members have fun and enjoy time around each other. AIBA is a microcosm of what we all know and love about Austin – weird, fun, innovative, savvy and uniquely Austin.

Nolan Gore

Top Choice Lawn Service

To be eligible for membership in AIBA, at least 51% of the ownership of your business must reside in Austin and surrounding areas (Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway, etc). Your business need not have a storefront but must be independent and not a franchise. AIBA reserves the right to decline membership to any business it deems not appropriate.


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