The VORTEX Featured Event October 9th – 31st, 1pm & 3pm

Reginald “RAP” Unzel III is a young man with big hair and bigger dreams of musical stardom… IF ONLY he can get out of his room. Rap Unzel features Hip Hop music and dance and celebrates identity, awareness, emotional intelligence, and empowerment. Appropriate for ages 6 and up.

Rap Unzel disrupts traditional fairy tales, pushing back against hyper-masculine and stoic representations of Black men. The story’s uplifting and whimsical themes have the tremendous potential to touch audiences of all ages, connecting Ancestors and Descendants through the Arts.

We integrate art and message in order to affirm and honor students’ identities, presenting BIPOC artists as role models and creating anti-racist content. As agents of change, we create an experience for the parents, students, and teachers. The VORTEX and Brown Boy Productions new production of Rap Unzel as a nimble touring version that will travel to schools, around Austin, to other Texas cities, to other regions in the US, with the potential to reach the broader populations of the African Diaspora.

$54 Picnic Table for 6
$45 Table for 4
$39 VIP Table for 2
$9.99 Single-seat
$9.99 Live-Streaming virtual ticket
Advanced Reservations Recommended.  Limited seating. or 512-478-5282