At Vinca, we get inspiration from something seen in a dream, misheard from eavesdropping, or just because it happens to be our favorite (hello, tacos). Back in 2006, while toying with the idea of starting a company, Amanda decided to make something out of the thousands of pounds of small scraps from her family’s leather goods factory. There happened to be a large amount of flower shapes left over from a custom job so she used those as the main accent on the first collection. The flowers quickly faded from the catalog to make way for weirder creatures like hammerhead sharks and squirrels, but the flower name “Vinca” stuck.

Since the humble beginning, the brand is now sold worldwide, loved by customers who appreciate quirkiness from Austin to Korea. From making every single piece herself, the workshop now has several employees who work together as a team to produce thousands of pieces a month.

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1800 E. 4th St., Suite 173
Austin, TX 78702
Mon-Fri 12PM-5PM