Each November I reflect on the years that have passed and what I am thankful for and our accomplishments. In no particular order, here are some milestones and things that brought me joy this past year…

We increased minimum pay for our company. Our team is the core of our business and they continue to show up and share their excitement each and every day with you all! Con’ Olio reached every state + 4 other countries this year with our private virtual classes and we hired an Events Team!

Super proud to report that we were able to increase our monetary and in-kind donations this year to local non-profits and organizations. We helped feed hundreds of folks this year with our in-kind donations during the winter storms and we were able to continue our Jeff Conarko Grant for Innovation with the Austin Food and Wine Alliance.

If you did not already know, we resumed in-person tastings and classes! Stop by and taste our award-winning oils and vinegar. We added Grab n Go perishables this year to both locations stocked with delicious cheese, meats, wine, and other goodies.

The hard-working producers, suppliers, artisans, who continue to raise the bar on quality ingredients and standards. Our team, our customers, and my family. If you have shopped with us, taken a class, told someone about us, or shared a post about us…THANK YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Con’ Olio Owner, Tabatha Conarko