Featured Event: Plagues Within Plagues
a Ballet Electronica for Film
by Chad Salvata

In-Person Screening: Wed., November 3rd 8pm
Video on Demand: November 4-30

When COVID 19 locked down the world in 2020, cancelling live performances, Chad Salvata retreated to his BlackSun Studio and created a response with the music of Plagues Within Plagues. He shaped fantastical stories and characters for each of the 7 pieces: Plague of Poisons. Plague of Scorpions. Plague of Tempests. Plague of Serpents. Plague of Swords. Plague of Spectres. Plague of Fire. These extraordinary and challenging visions form a Ballet Electronica that broadens perspectives around our challenging times.

Salvata engaged Sandie Donzica, Jose Lozano, and Bonnie Cullum to refine and polish the vision for each of the Plagues. We pulled outstanding costumes from previous Ethos productions to create the magical characters of Salvata’s vision. The rest was added by Jose Lozano onto green-screen backgrounds and even green-screen bodysuits. Selena Franco and Stella McGriffy created stunning makeup designs.

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VORTEX Repertory Company

Plagues Within Plagues is funded and supported in part by VORTEX Repertory Company and by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.