Why Shop Locally?

Locally-owned, independent businesses are the backbone of our local economy and the foundation of Austin’s unique culture. But local business is more than an economic powerhouse. It is the direct response of neighbors to the needs of other neighbors. It is the storefront of our hopes and dreams as individuals and as a community. Entrepreneurs embrace their talents with a passion that feeds both their endeavors and our culture. From the unique shops to the musicians (independent businesses one and all) to the entrepreneurial spirit that exudes the attitude that anything can be done—local business makes it happen every day.

Local, independent businesses give back to our community by collectively being the largest donors to local nonprofits. From hosting community events to embracing a more sustainable environment, these businesses are part of the core of this fabulous place we call Austin.

Your purchasing choices have a huge impact on Austin. Be a part of the movement. Let IndieAustin and AIBA be your guide to think local, be local, buy local. Begin by shifting your thinking, then take action to move your purchases to local first.

Keep your dollars in the Austin local economy
Modest changes in consumer spending habits can generate substantial local economic impact. For every $100 in customer spending at a national chain, the total local economic impact is only $13. The same amount spent with a local merchant yields $45, more than three times the local economic impact.

Ensure that you have more choices
A marketplace of thousands of small businesses helps to ensure more innovation and competition, and lower prices over the long term. Independent businesses, choosing products based on what their local customers need and desire, not a national sales plan, guarantees a more diverse range of product and service choices.

Prevent Austin from becoming Anywhere, USA
Each year brings more national chains displacing locally owned businesses. AIBA aims to reverse the trend of losing locally owned independent businesses by organizing collaborative efforts among members and creating a stronger bond between local businesses and the community.

AIBA has had nothing but a positive impact on not only our business, but they also raise awareness as to the importance of shopping local businesses whenever possible. Their impact on the independent business community has been nothing short of stellar.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a AIBA guide and start shopping local.

Lori Goodpasture

Room Service Vintage

Shift 10% to Local

Shifting 10% of your shopping from chain stores to locally owned businesses annually, adds

$244 Million
to our local economy creating

new jobs. And supports a sustainable local economy for us all. Become a local shifter and shift 10%, 20% or more of your purchasing to local businesses today!
City of Austin Development Services Department
Capital Metro
City of Austin Small Business Program
Greater Texas Water Company
Sayers Real Estate Advisors
Assistance League of Austin
Koop Radio
Tito's Handmade Vodka
Texas Coffee Traders
Quack's 43rd Street Bakery
End of an Ear
Strait Music
Chez Zee
Conans Pizza North
Eldorado Cafe
Jack Allen's Kitchen
Pok-e-Jo's Smokehouse
Bicycle Sport Shop
BodyBusiness Fitness Club
Capital Cruises
The Herb Bar
Eye Physicians of Austin
Design With Consignment
Landers Premiere Flooring
Austin Canine Central
Gravity Systems
Britton and Britton Insurance
Eckert Insurance
Top Choice Lawn Care
Barton Wilder Custom Images
McCarthy Print
Celebrate Austin
Precision Camera
Dragon's Lair
El Interior
Planet K
Wheatsville Food Co-op
Room Service Vintage
Continental Collision Center
Riverside Chevron
Austin Energy
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